Autism and Unemployment

GUY TALK: With Dr. Robert Naseef is  an on going panel-discussions with fathers of children with special needs. Each month there are several participants with psychologist, Dr. Robert Naseef, as facilitator and hosted by Kathleen of AUTISM BRAINSTORM.

9781849057295Sunday, May 15, Michael John Carley was our featured contributor on Guy Talk.
Coping with unemployment while living with autism is explored with passion and insight by thought leader and self advocate, Michael John Carley. His new book, Unemployed on the Autism Spectrum: How to cope productively with the effects of unemployment and job hunt with confidence has received enthusiastic praise from numerous experts.

Michael John Carley is the founder and former executive director of GRASP,, The Global & Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership, which is the largest organization in the world comprised of adults on the autism spectrum.

Check out his web site at, and listen to the recording of our conversation on YouTube.

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