Who sits down first in a job interview?

According to Dr. Stephen Shore, “Who’s on first? What’s on second? How can autistic people make sense of the job interview process… and perhaps more importantly, how can employers better understand what people on the autism spectrum can contribute to the workplace?”

Stephen and I were around the world in Bahrain speaking at the “Untangle Autism” Conference when this podcast was released.

Check out this Shrinks on Third podcast in which the Shrinks interview Stephen M. Shore, EdD, an autistic professor of special education, and me about our work together creating a curriculum to prepare neurodiverse youth for the workplace. These are things neurotypical people take for granted and autistic people have to be taught directly. Listen to their conversation at https://lnkd.in/e_zD-tc. Stephen and I just returned from Bahrain where we presented on these issues to an enthusiastic international audience. The curriculum is available at https://www.neurodiversityarcphl.com/

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