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V. Mark Durand, University of South Florida, Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions: “Eloquently translates the latest research into terms understandable to all . . . the author walks you through the field of autism spectrum disorders in a way that is unmatched. I highly recommend it!”
Emily Iland, award-winning author, educator, parent, and advocate; President of the Autism Society of Los Angeles “A comprehensive view of autism across the lifespan . . . Naseef encourages readers to understand and accept those with ASD, and to ultimately connect, adapt, cope, hope, and flourish.”  Look inside on Amazon.

Ariel-Naseef_Voices-from-the_978-1-84310-786-6_colourjpg-printVoices from the Spectrum is a symphony of rich density thanks to the book’s contributors who graciously share their myriad of perspectives, quests, struggles, hopes, and thoughts on life mingled with autism spectrum disorders. At times easy to read and at times the kind of reading that leaves lumps in the throat and thuds in the heart, Voices from the Spectrum is always honest and genuine. I whole-heartedly recommend it. — Liane Holliday Willey, Ed.D., Author of Pretending to be Normal and Asperger Syndrome in the Family.  Look inside on Amazon.

Living Along the Autism SpectrumParents will enjoy watching this interview to help their understanding of the nature of autism, the effects of having an autistic child in the family, and how to achieve a positive attitude towards their son or daughter. The information is particularly important for parents of recently diagnosed children. –Tony Attwood, internationally known author and presenter. Look on Amazon.

Special Children Book Cover“Writing with the wisdom of a mental health professional and the compassion of a loving father, Dr. Naseef has given us a book that will instruct and inspire us all.” (Harold Kushner, When Bad Things Happen to Good People.)

This is perhaps the most honest book I have ever read on the grieving process of parents struggling to accept and raise a child with special needs. By sharing his own story and those of other parents he has interviewed and worked with, Dr. Naseef discusses why this process is so hard and what parents can do to survive the process and come out on the other side. But perhaps Dr. Naseef’s most valuable contribution is his message for fathers. Fathers very rarely fit comfortably into the role of fathering a child with special needs and Dr. Naseef’s unique qualifications as both a father and a psychologist have given him rare insights to help other Dads facing this challenge. This may not be an “easy read”, but if you’re a parent struggling with your emotional responses to your child — it is definitely a “must read”. (Lisa R. Simmons) Look inside on Amazon.

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  1. I remember reading Special Children Challenged Parents and Voices from the Spectrum.

    They were good to learn about you and bring a lot of people together.


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