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Screen time for your children: No easy answers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends strict limits on screen time for kids, and many parents are deeply worried for good reason. Continue reading

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Neurodiversity is trending: A commencement speech

  For all the graduates, what a beautiful and momentous day! Let’s enjoy it to the fullest, but let’s not forget those less fortunate than us wherever they might live on the planet we share. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations! … Continue reading

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Autism Acceptance and Beyond

Autism Awareness month is right around the corner. What does it mean to you? The road to acceptance routinely starts with some level of denial. Our biggest problem is that we don’t want any problems, and we think we would … Continue reading

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Siblings Need Attention Too!

Recently, I spoke at a conference about how to take of everyone’s needs in a family raising a child with special needs. Paying special attention to the unique needs of every child was a key point when discussing typically developing … Continue reading

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Fathers are Stepping Up Around the World: and Raising Children with Autism

According to a new 2017 global survey, men are taking “greater responsibility for the home and childcare” than previously in both emerging and developed economies as reported by Reuters. In 2013, the CDC reported a nationally representative survey which found that … Continue reading

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“Love doesn’t keep score. Siblings do.”

  400 people seemed to nod in agreement when Caroline McGraw used these words to describe some of her difficulties growing up with a younger brother who has autism. Few among us would deny this truth of family life-whether there … Continue reading

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How autism teaches us about being human

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, I gave a TEDx talk at Arcadia University on the theme of “The Big Idea.” My title was “How autism teaches us about being human.” Looking forward to this day, I had written, … Continue reading

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