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Screen time for your children: No easy answers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends strict limits on screen time for kids, and many parents are deeply worried for good reason. Continue reading

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Mindful Parenting: Moments of Joy

His 5-year-old boy was not interested in playing catch with his father. Instead, he kept placing a marble at the top of his marble run and watching it go round and round to the bottom for an hour straight. His … Continue reading

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Siblings Need Attention Too!

Recently, I spoke at a conference about how to take of everyone’s needs in a family raising a child with special needs. Paying special attention to the unique needs of every child was a key point when discussing typically developing … Continue reading

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How autism teaches us about being human

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, I gave a TEDx talk at Arcadia University on the theme of “The Big Idea.” My title was “How autism teaches us about being human.” Looking forward to this day, I had written, … Continue reading

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Making a difference with autism: Lessons in acceptance

Hearing that autism cannot be cured is a bomb for families at the moment of diagnosis. On the other hand, learning that we can make a difference is the first step on the path to acceptance. This message is crystallized … Continue reading

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The Grandparents’ Connection with Autism in the Family

Grandparents are a vital part of a supportive extended family.  Grandparents can have as hard a time accepting autism as parents do, or even harder since they have less contact with their grandchild, and their acceptance can take longer.  Grandparents … Continue reading

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Involved Fathers Get Results

Male role models are important for children, and boys and girls growing up on the autism spectrum are no exception. Fathers are more involved than ever, and research backs up their impact on children. However, when a child has autism … Continue reading

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