In the YouTube Studios in NYC, on October 24, Drs. Michael Hannon and Robert Naseef spoke to Felipe Maya of Autism Speaks about their experiences as fathers and supporting other fathers raising autistic children. Click here to listen to the podcast. 

“I want to help people to accept and love the child they actually have no matter if they’re a little different or a lot different, and to be the best versions of themselves, and to have the best versions of their family that they could possibly have…when we let go of the typical or the normal and embrace the neurodiversity, which really describes the human condition.”Listen to this podcast “From Ambiguous Loss to Acceptance.”

According to Dr. Stephen Shore, “Who’s on first? What’s on second? How can autistic people make sense of the job interview process… and perhaps more importantly, how can employers better understand what people on the autism spectrum can contribute to the workplace?”

Stephen and I were around the world in Bahrain speaking at the “Untangle Autism” Conference when this podcast was released.

Check out this Shrinks on Third podcast in which the Shrinks interview Stephen M. Shore, EdD, an autistic professor of special education, and me about our work together creating a curriculum to prepare neurodiverse youth for the workplace. These are things neurotypical people take for granted and autistic people have to be taught directly. Listen to their conversation at https://lnkd.in/e_zD-tc. Stephen and I just returned from Bahrain where we presented on these issues to an enthusiastic international audience. 

“No Clear Dividing Line” is the title of the Shrinks on Third Podcast in which I talk about families living with and loving someone on the autism spectrum and what we can learn about our shared humanity. Topics include the diagnosis, race, class, cultural factors, and the myth of closure for such an ambiguous situation. Listen at https://lnkd.in/eQGeQJG or wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr. Robert NaseefAsperger’s syndrome and autism psychologist, and author of the book, Autism in the Family: Caring and Coping Together, is an extremely courageous person.

On the tenth episode of OC87 Recovery Diaries on the Radio, we learn that Naseef has a very good sense of what he can and cannot change. He will never be able to alter the fact that he has a thirty-seven year old son with autism, but he has been able to evolve in the ways in which he copes with his son’s disability. He says his son, Tariq, is happy most of the time, and Naseef has come to the realization that his pain is his own, not his son’s. This keen insight is one that gives him peace of mind.

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