Speaker Packet

As a clinical psychologist and father of an adult child with autism, Robert Naseef presents a unique perspective on developing and maintain
ing an emotionally healthy family–no simple task when the family includes a child with special needs.  Dr. Robert Naseef speaks nationally and internationally about a variety of topics.  Check out his most requested presentations, endorsements, and previous speaking engagements  to learn more.

Dr. Naseef speaks profoundly from the perspective of a father of an adult child with autism and as a seasoned psychologist who has worked with numerous families all over the world for many years. As a speaker, he is able to blend personal experience, psychological insight and current research in his engaging, interactive presentations.

Autism and other developmental differences are a global issue and the challenges that families face are similar across continents and cultures. All of our voices need to be heard. We all need to come together to build an inclusive society for all of us and for our children. 

Robert Naseef speaks about many topics including autism in the family, the unique role of fathers, maintaining the couple relationship, sibling issues, stress management, employment potential and much more. These workshops are described in this packet under ‘Most Requested Presentations’.   If there is a topic that you or your organization is interested in that is not on this list Dr. Naseef can tailor his presentation to suit your needs. For further details, please contact Dr. Naseef at any time.

Dr. Naseef is passionate about his work with individuals and families. He remains open and responsive to questions or concerns and looks forward to hearing from you. He also blogs regularly at http://www.drrobertnaseef.wordpress.com   about issues facing families and welcomes your readership and feedback.

For fees and availability contact him here.

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